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Amazing Supportive Products for Home Use

Quantum Biofeedback/Scans

If your mind, body and spirit are more aligned in wholeness your life will feel and be lived out in more positive states. 


Quantum Biofeedback/Scans

Amazing Supportive Products for Home Use

Quantum Biofeedback/Scans

In your Biofield, which is the energy field that flows through you and around you can be strengthened.  Awareness can be brought to light from the subconscious level for healing.  Integrating healing frequencies can help dysregulate negative or toxic energy patterns.


Amazing Supportive Products for Home Use

Amazing Supportive Products for Home Use

Amazing Supportive Products for Home Use

Available: Complex Homeopathy by White Dove for nutritional and body system support. I can also make combination Bach Flower formulas specific for  your emotional needs.

Services offered


Biofeedback Scans: Indigo and Metatron

The Quantum Scans are very different from each other.  But in each program I can uncover areas in the client's Biofield where their body has become dysregulated, causing pain and/or imbalances within, further creating physical, mental, emotional, and environment effects. 


Bio-Light Sessions

Bio-Light Sessions which are 1 hour long have a strong foundation based in Stress Reduction and boosting vitality.  This healing work can help strengthen your Autonomic Nervous System and increase healthier cell-to-cell communication within the body.  


Quantum Health Coaching

In Coaching: uncovering stressors  that may be affecting your mind, body, spirit and/or emotions and new ways to overcome them.


About Wendy


My Bio:

Wendy Lee Frey is the creator of "Quantum Healing Waves" in Bergen County, NJ.  Wendy has three children and was inspired to help two of her boys who have struggled with ADHD and learning challenges, however, she is passionate about helping all people to be able to heal and grow through more natural modalities.  She is a Holistic Health Coach having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and was Certified by Columbia University Teachers College in 2007.  She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Maine and is currently working on her Doctorate in Natural Medicine with Quantum University.  Wendy is a Certified Specialist in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback by NTCB since 2001.  Her internship working with QEEG (brain mapping) was done in the Brain Research Lab at NYU Hospital.  Wendy is also a Certified Stress Management Specialist and a Homeo-Therapeutic and Bach Flower Coach.  She works with Quantum Biofeedback Bio-Scans plus her Bio-Light Sessions include many healing modalities further reducing stress in her clients.  Wendy also has her Spiritual Healer License  (FSHLB) and creates sacred space for awareness of the mind/body/emotional factors that may be leading to feeling unwell.  Finally, with intuitive and positive insights Wendy helps her clients to connect to their higher selves and find their soul purpose!  ** Come experience what it feels like to have a shift in your own vibration...

My Statement of Faith:

I believe in the God Consciousness that represents itself as a quantum field that surrounds and permeates us.  It is the Divine Consciousness that has lovingly dreamed everything seen and unseen, heard and unheard into being.  All God's Creations have their own unique spirit and soul and we should make great strides  to follow the Laws of Nature and be responsible, kind and of service to each other.  We, as Humankind, have dominion over the Earth and everything that lives within it.   Our thoughts and actions as individuals can affect not only ourselves but the Collective Whole.  I am passionate about my responsibility to help all things thrive and I will love and care for this Divine Gift so long as I live.

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