The Metatron BioScan

This is a Non-Linear Analysis Scan

 This is  a FDA approved biofeedback device for psycho-physical investigations. The non-linear analysis tests frequencies of the body. The bio-response of cerebral nerve cells & individual organ frequencies are amplified by crystal sensors in the headphones and then transmitted back to the Metatron Box and seen on the computer screen

Metatron Healing

Energy Medicine in Process

 In the Metatron the Information shows up in shapes:   These shapes are visible on the many organ,  heart, spine, nerve and brain pictures thereby reflecting the health of the client in real time. 

Frequencies can be given or inverted to help bring the body back to homeostasis. Clients can see that the NLS provides representations most proximate to a pathological anatomic picture similar to an MRI.

1. White  and Yellow circles  (1's and 2's) represent a healthy flow of energy.  

2. Often when the start of  dysregular subtle energy changes occur in the body, the shapes and colors of my scan change to orange (3's)  and pinks (4's).  The need for energy work is becoming more apparent.  

3. Finally the black squares (5's and 6's)  often represent that attention is needed here, on the pictures represented on the sceen.   I can run a pass through this area starting in the center, and target up to 5x's  on a particular screen to move these deeper levels of blocked or unhealthy flow of energy.  This will help create more vibrancy, less pain, and  it gives my client an overall feeling of well-being.  I  will support their health, usually with Homeopathy, as a light has been shone on dysregulation within... which is often unknown.

**When the Healing work of the Client begins and stress is being reduced, it is usually felt immediately within each session!