What is the Indigo?

Dr. William Nelson: The Inventor of the Indigo (QXCI/SCIO)

Born and raised in Ohio, Bill Nelson was identified as a genius from an early age. As a young man, his interest in quantum physics and electronic engineering led to his work on the navigation system for the Apollo space project.  He turned his genius to the field of medicine and health after the birth of his first-born, a son. His son retreated into the world of autism-a result of an anti-nausea drug his wife took while pregnant.  After devouring the information offered by a medical world, he turned to the world of alternative health. With natural remedies, he  was successful in reversing many of the symptoms of his son's autism.

During  his research, he was intrigued by a number of bio-electric devices being used in Germany-the Vega machine, the Voll, and the Mora unit-as  well as biofeedback and cranial electrical stimulation (CES) units in the US. These units either measure the body's electrical response to help denote problems in the body or they emit frequencies to treat problems. He also studied the body's subtle energy systems- acupuncture meridians, chakra energy, applied kinesiology or muscle testing, etc.  The body's subtle energy system is an early warning system.  Imbalances in the body's subtle energies show up much earlier than disease symptoms. Bill Nelson decided to apply his genius to design an all-inclusive system- a computerized system that would both test and balance the body at the subtle energy level. The QXCI (Quantum Xxriod Conscious Interface) was born.

To  develop this system, Bill Nelson has integrated the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, electronics, naturopathy, homeopathy,  chiropractic, energetic medicine and computer programming.  He has also incorporated his knowledge of metaphysical subjects to bring a unique synergistic perspective to natural healing. He has studied homeopathy, naturopathy, science, business, computer science and international law.  He has also mastered the difficulties of creating the software to integrate the many healing modalities he has programmed into the Indigo (an updated version of the QXCI system).  His unique knowledge of esoteric subjects such as fractal dynamics,  subspace theory, a tri-vector system and more has made this energetic feedback system possible.  These mathematical algorithmic equations were developed to calculate these  signatures in a more accurate and 3D fashion based on three vectors (or  waveforms): voltage, amperage, and resistance. This calculation is said  to be possible for every unique substance and energy in existence; it is  called the Trivector Signature. 

The Indigo gathers  bio-energetic data from the body via twenty channels simultaneously.  The information is prioritized to help the natural health practitioner zero in on the body's current specific needs. The program offers information specific to your subtle energies- emotional and mental stresses, nutritional needs, food sensitivities, digestive and cleansing needs, etc. In the hands of a trained Biofeedback Specialist, the imbalances in the subtle energy field are tracked to determine the most probable sources of ill health. In addition the Indigo has the capability to apply approximately 50 different corrective energies to help the body establish energetic balance for health and well-being.   Your Biofeedback Specialist and Quantum Health Coach is also able to determine the lifestyle changes and remedies that will best help you as a next step in your plan for better health. 


Indigo Session Work:

The Healing Programs within the Indigo:

The following programs contribute to the INDIGO’s ability to retrieve 90,000 different signals that your body is giving out at any given time.

It is able to run up to four complimentary programs simultaneously for a highly synergistic and enhanced effect.

Auto-Frequency / Training Program

Performs a baseline measurement of stress related imbalances in the polarity of the organ systems, and allows for retraining those stress patterns.

Auto Trivector Training Program

Retrains stress patterns in three primary waveforms found in healthy tissues: capacitance, inductance, and conductance.

Superlearning Training Program

Re-educates the brain to function for optimal learning.

Autonomic Nervous Training Program

Allows for retraining stress patterns in the sympathetic, parasympathetic and vagus nerve.

Spinal Muscular Re-education

Re-educates the muscles and nerves associated with and supporting the spine.

Muscular Re-education for Athletes

Allows for re-education and stress reduction programs specific to performance enhancement. 

Nutrition and Homeopathy Feedback Training Program

Sends homeopathic and nutritional signatures for stress reduction.

Stress and Cortisol Rebalancing Training Program

Helps clients redevelop healthy adrenal patterns in relation to stress responses. 

NLP-Neuro Linguistic Program Stress Reduction Programs

Re-educates neuro-transmitter reactions and retrains clients reactions to emotional and mental health factors.

Spiritual Resonance Training Program

Strengthens the clients innate healing abilities, encourages the ability to tolerate higher vibrations and frequencies.

Auto-Color Therapy Training Program

Chooses from 256 potential color frequency patterns choosing the ones that will most harmonize the client’s stress. 

Auto Scalar Training Program

Provides training protocols and visualizations for balancing stress factors interfering with the subtle energy centers known as the chakras. 

***Also the Body Viewer, Iridology, Face and Aura Scan are integrated for 3-D work in the BioField.

How many Sessions?

Biofeedback is an entrainment process. Entrainment is a well studied phenomenon within physics by which it may take the body multiple sessions  to entrain or “relearn” healthier patterns.  

Some people  respond very quickly, especially those whose lifestyle choices are  already aligned with good health.   

Others  may need more education, training and support around improving  nutrition, exercise and / or sleep patterns, or avoiding addictive  substances etc. Generally speaking, the longer a client has held certain  stress patterns which are causing them pain or illness, the more  sessions they may need to begin re-balancing or re-training those  patterns and reactions.

Generally,  I recommend clients make a commitment to their health by investing in  multiple sessions in order to truly see and feel the result

An Indigo Session:

The Body Electric

5 point set up & Calibration

5 point set up & Calibration


 In short, the body is 100% electrical. A vast amount of physiological  processes are beneath our conscious and verbal awareness, making them by definition subtle. For example, we are not directly aware of our muscle tension as it builds, nor are we aware of the enzymes released from our  pancreas, or the changes in our brain waves.  Every action involves some  sort of electrical, chemical, quantic, photonic or other energy  transfer. These subtle energy interactions, are in fact physiological  actions and reactions to electrical stimulus, which can be detected by  the INDIGO biofeedback device, allowing the Specialist to bring the  information to the client’s awareness and to train for better control or energetic balance. 

5 point set up & Calibration

5 point set up & Calibration

5 point set up & Calibration


  The Hook up is 5 points: a head harness, 2 wrist bands and 2 ankle bands.  

Next is the 'Calibration', which is the first of its kind to use the “handshake effect”, or Double Blind approach. By dealing on a subconscious level, only the system is aware of the thousands of items being tested. This eliminates the possibility of the client or Practitioner influence .


5 Minute Testing

5 point set up & Calibration

The Matrix and Healing Programs


Using this sophisticated software program, a computer and the interface device, thousands of trivector signatures are recorded into the INDIGO software’s main Matrix and can be energetically presented to the client at biological speeds of 1/1000th of a second, using a low- level  micro-current; while the computer measures and reports the bio-energetic responses to each of these signatures. The speeds of this interaction is what is patented as the Xrroid process; the 5 minute EPR test can  reveal stress reactions to more than 11,000 different items that  influence our health.  

The Matrix and Healing Programs

The Matrix and Healing Programs

The Matrix and Healing Programs


After measuring the body’s frequencies, I can work the device to feed back its own frequencies to reduce or neutralize destructive wave patterns. Multi-layer work enables dysfunction to unravel much like peeling back the layers of an onion. Baselines - (electrical voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration and oxygenation) at the cellular level are noted.  Mental, emotional, physical, environmental & spiritual stresses can be seen on the screens; balancing can begin. Feeling the shifts can help clients make lifestyle changes. This Biofeedback is FDA registered.

Reduce Stress and Begin Healing

The Matrix and Healing Programs

Reduce Stress and Begin Healing


 The cybernetic loop is a two-way communication between the device and the computer; it is constantly “checking in”  with the client and measuring their progress. 

The auto-focus function works in conjunction with the cybernetic loop so I can individualize my client's retraining protocols in order to meet highly detailed and specific needs of each of my clients.

 This function also allows  for “passive biofeedback”; the  ability of the INDIGO to help retrain a client’s  physiological reactions at unconscious / autonomic levels.  The program can also, however, perform more active, conscious “classical biofeedback” or “neuro-feedback” type interventions.


New: Simply Indigo

Add on training options that can be added in the last 10 minutes of the session are:

1. Nervous System Stress 

2. Organ Sarcode Signatures 

3. Digestive Stress 

4. Nutritional Absorption Stress 

5. Sensory System 

6. Vitality 

7. Endocrine /Hormonal Stress 

8. Environmental Stress 

9. Emotional Stress 

10. Circulatory Stress 

11. Mind Body Connection 

12. Peak Brain Performance 

13. Weight Loss Stress 

14. Degenerative Stress 

15. Accident/ Injury/ Pain 

16. Sleeping Problems 

17. Aging Stress 

18. Electro-Transcendental-Meditation 

19. Weight Loss Thru Biofeedback 

20. Circulation Stabilization Thru Relaxation 

21. Lucid Dreaming Stimulation Thru EEG 

22. Activate Mental Super Powers 

23. Release Negativity 

24. Dormant Intellect Gene 10 min. 

A New Vision for Well Being:

Many clients who receive INDIGO or Simply Indigo Biofeedback sessions report that they can “feel” a gentle warmth or tingling sensation during the session.