Bio-Light Sessions:


1 Hour of combination work plus Coaching

Choices of Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMF):  

  helps reduce electro-smog and radiation effects from the body, increases negative ions, calms down the fight or flight mode of the Central Nervous System, increases stronger cell to cell communication with the pulsed frequencies more toxins can be released and  more nutrients can enter the cells for higher states of health.

1.Quantron Resonance System (PEMF)

- full body magnetic pad to revitalize cells of the whole body. …magnetic glasses for the eyes….headphones for inner ear  and brain health….pointprobe…all with Color Therapy 


2.  Lenyo Whole Body Pad (PEMF)

- Boost any individual Chakra Center or Meridian line; client can also choose whole Energy Field, Alertness, or Meditative sessions.  This mat is Bio-regulated with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields.  I can add the Far-Infared  Hot House & Color Therapy

Choices of Bio & Neurofeedback: 

EM Wave: coherence entrainment and stress reduction by syncing up heart rate variable and breathing ~   Temperature Training ~    Resp@rate: to train slow deep breathing ~   Audio-Visual Entrainment: for brain entrainment with bionary sound frequencies and lights.  Increases blood flow to the brain and boosts healthy neurotransmitters like serotonin.  Alpha Stim (CES): to reduce pain/ stress, boost brain focus and feel good with healthy endorphins! 

Energy Medicine:  

Hot House: Far-Infared waves for more internal healing ~  Low Level Laser Healing (635 nm healthy cell freq) used on ears points and hands  ~ Color Therapy ~ Whole Tones Sound Healing Frequencies


 Emotional Freedom - EFT (release traumas and reset limiting beliefs) ~ Guided Imagery ~ short meditations 

Holistic Health Coaching:


(spiritual coaching, goals, lifestyle adjustments, dream recall and journaling, foods, the circle of life) 


*Complex Homeopathy by White Dove- excellent support for brain & organ health to use at home

*Bach Flowers  - personal formulas are made for emotional rebalancing