Bio-Light Sessions:

1 Hour of combination work plus Coaching

Choices of Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMF)

1.Purewavenow-Quantron Resonance System 

- full body magnetic pad to revitalize cells of the whole body. …magnetic glasses for the eyes….headphones for inner ear health….pointprobe…all with Color Therapy 


2.  Lenyo Whole Body Pad 

- Boost any individual Chakra Center or Meridian line; client can also choose whole Energy Field, Alertness, or Meditative sessions.  This mat is Bio-regulated with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields.  I can add the Far-Infared  Hot House & Color Therapy

Choices of Biofeedback: EM Wave: coherence entrainment and stress reduction by syncing up heart rate variable and breathing ~   Temperature Training ~    Resp@rate: to train slow deep breathing ~   Audio-Visual Entrainment: for brain entrainment with bionary sound frequencies and lights.   Alpha Stim (CES): to reduce pain/ stress, boost brain focus and feel good with healthy endorphins! 

Energy Medicine:  Hot House: Far-Infared waves for more internal healing ~  Low Level Laser Healing (635 nm healthy cell freq) ~ Plant Therapy Essential Oils ~ Color Therapy ~ Tuning Forks  ~ Whole Tones Healing Frequencies

Techniques:  Emotional Freedom - EFT (release traumas and reset limiting beliefs) ~ Autogenics ~ Progressive Muscle Relaxation to ‘Let Go’ ~ Guided Imagery ~ Pranic Energy – energize & cleanse biofield ~ meditation ~ affirmations

Holistic Health Coaching:  *Mind/Body/Spirit* 

(spiritual coaching, goals, foods, the circle of life) 


*Complex Homeopathy by White Dove- excellent support for brain & organ health to use at home

*Bach Flowers  - personal formulas are made for emotional rebalancing